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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WA: Stories & Scenery

Once upon a time...

...way back in January, the Dewar family invited us to come visit them at their home in the "wild west". At the time, the thought was promptly put on the backburner - so when it actually happened six months later, we were all in a state of complete shock. At least, I was. ;-)

After much praying, consideration and planning, we decided to make the journey across Australia to visit its Western state! Amelia and I were going to be a part of the Children's Institute team as well (my first ever interstate CI!). Everyone was verrrry excited, and it promised to be a truly amazing trip.

Then our friends, the Tiger Airways company - decided to close down two days before we were leaving. Now we had a big problem on our hands - we no longer had flights! Needless to say, this was a *slight* hitch in our plans! We eventually decided that if God wanted us to get to WA, then He would have to make a way for us. By our human reasoning (mosquito logic, anyone?!), it looked impossible. But God had a bigger plan...

And less than two days later, we were on a plane headed for Perth. :-)
{Don't you love taking advantage of your siblings when they are sleeping? Haha, love you Bella!}
{Warning: if you've ever been to WA - excuse me for a moment while I rave about it...}
{Perth is beaaaaaaautiful...}
{And picturesque - look at that old windmill!}
{The weather is amazing... ignore the quality of the photo and focus on the rainbow, instead :P}
{The farm is awesome...}
{The people are pretty awesome, too... but more on them, later!}
{The Dewar farm's front gate, which we long-suffering visitors had to open every time we drove through...}
{Their driveway - note the upside-down 110 speed limit?! I think *certain* people did well over that on certain occasions... (no, it wasn't me - and I wasn't in the car risking my life, either! :P)}
{The stables...}
And that's all for the present! but don't worry... many, many more posts on WA are on their way! :-)


  1. lol...'taking advantage of your siblings while they are sleeping'... *guilty chuckle* :D

    looking forward to 'many, many' more posts! ;)

  2. oooh, this could get interesting. I hereby reserve the right to complain about any photos including this particular individual (not saying you can't use them though...)

    And how come I can view this blog all of a sudden? did you change the invite-only status?

  3. lovely, lovely, lovely.
    Amazing is a very good label to add to this!

  4. whoops...I meant "awesomeness" is a good label... *dull face*


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