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Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Photo Challenge | Almost over! {edited}

*A/N: My announcements/critiques have been delayed due to some people who still haven't put their last photos up. So, I'm truly very sorry but you will have to wait till Tuesday now! 

The APC is nearly over! I am so proud of all of you who stuck it out and made it to the end - you are each great photographers in the making. I have loved seeing your photos each week, and watching you improve vastly even in the short amount of time we had! Seriously, you all are amazing!

So give yourself a pat on the back - great job! You'll hopefully all receive your last critiques by Saturday* at the latest (Sorry about those who haven't received theirs yet - I haven't forgotten you!), and on that day I'll also announce the winner of the all-round best photo, and post my favourite photo out of all of you of each subject. :-)

Keep up the hard work! I would encourage you to keep taking many, many photos and to keep challenging yourself in every way you can. You're all really inspiring to me!



*Sorry, everyone! I unfortunately couldn't find the time to critique/look over all your photos today, and Saturday is the only free time I will have to do it! But it will give you more time to get excited, right? ;) 

Monday, April 16, 2012

April Photo Challenge | Halfway there!

What amazing photographers you all are! I really enjoy seeing your creative photos (and critiquing them, of course!) and I am hoping that this challenge is doing just that - challenging you!

I also have an important little announcement to make! I've decided that at the end of the month, I am going to pick my favourite photo from each of your challenges (one photo from each of you from the entire month) and post them on this blog. And just to make you work extra hard I'm also going to pick my very favourite photo out of all of you, and the talented photographer who took that photo will receive a prize. :-)

Excited yet? You should be!

I have another important(ish) announcement: I need each person who is participating in this challenge right now to comment and let me know, because I want to make sure I'm not missing out on critiquing any of your photos! (My apologies if I've somehow missed yours!)

And now, without further delay... I present to you Julia's photos from the past two weeks! :-)

Assignment 1: Your Name

{Good job, Julia! I'm sensing a theme with photos of names in nice handwriting!}

Assignment 2: Smile

{This photo is so cute! If your little sister's smile could be seen just a leeeetle bit more, then it would be even better!}

Assignment 3: Green

{Very green! And the sunlight + leaves in the background are making a sort of 'bokeh' effect. Great!}

Assignment 4: A corner of your home

{Again, sensing a theme with literal corners of people's homes! Sometimes zooming in and eliminating distracting elements (such as the yellow/red car) can create a more focused photo. :-) }

Assignment 5: A promise God showed you

{Julia says: "Our front gate, because where we live its quite dangerous and this is a sign that God will protect us." Wow, what a great promise!}

Assignment 6: 5pm

{Very creative! Again, try zooming in just a little bit more. :-) }

Assignment 7: Someone you talked to today

{Aww, very nice! Sometimes when taking photos of people, it's helpful to get them to stand next to a window   or a light so there are less shadows on their faces.}

Assignment 8: Family member

{Aww, I like this photo! And you get bonus points for having two family members there!}

Assignment 9: Delicious

{Wow, definitely looks delicious! And you tried out a different angle, too... great!}

Assignment 9: Before / After

{These are Julia's sisters before and after she brushed their hair! Very nice, Julia!}

Who thinks Julia did an absolutely fantastic job?! Keep up the wonderful photography!

Looking forward to seeing the rest of your amazing photos this week, everyone!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Photo Challenge

Greetings & salutations! 

Can I just say - you are each doing an incredible job at the April Photo Challenge! I have been looking at some of your photos, and am seriously amazed at the creativity I'm seeing! 

I will (hopefully) be critiquing your photos over the weekend, and maybe even posting some of my own. :-) If you would like to send your photos to me so I can post them on this blog (so everyone can see them and you'll be famous) then please send them to: e.photographychallenge@gmail.com

Also, some of you are becoming worried about not having time to take/edit/post the photos for this challenge. I completely understand your time limitations, but seriously, you don't even need to spend half an hour on it. Five-ten minutes should be sufficient and if you're really stretched for time, then cut short your teeth-brushing time or something! (We'll forgive your bad breath, don't worry...)

Anyway, if you've managed to read that monologue you're doing well! Keep up your fantastic work, and have a very blessed and reflective Easter celebrating what Christ has done for you! 
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