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Saturday, September 10, 2011

WA: Children's Institute

{Warning: images portrayed in this post may be highly embarrassing to certain individuals, and I apologize in advance :-) Also, I didn't take all of these CI photos - credits also go to Olivia D, Emmie D, John N. and whoever else had my camera throughout the week! :P}

Introducing: a Perth CI!

{For those of you who have no idea what a CI is, here's my sketchy dictionary definition of it: a program where you teach children about life and God and why some things happen and what the Bible says about it. Throw in some stories, songs, and crafts and you have a week full of fun and learning!}

So while I've taught maaaaany of these programs before, this was to be my very first interstate one.

It was amazing.
{Welcome to the Children's Institute!}
{CI director}
{The other CI director}

For those of you who have ever thought our Melb children's programs are crazy at times, you should come do a WA one. It was insane. Here's proof:
{So. much. fun!}

It was incredible seeing God move in the lives each person as each night went past! I saw leaders being stretched and strengthened as they overcame obstacles, children opening up and being receptive to each truth that was presented to them, and parents being encouraged by the teaching.
{"Miss Eloise" telling the aforementioned story, and "Mr. John" in a skit as the wise man who built his house on the rock instead of the sand}

Teaching children doesn't come without challenges though. One evening in particular, I was completely stressing out. I had to tell a story, teach a particularily hard lesson (stronghold diagrams ring a bell with anyone?!), sightread/improvise on the piano one of the CI songs that I hadn't known we were doing and on top of it all, some of the children in my team were being really difficult and constantly acting up that night. I remember going into the bathroom and feeling completely overwhelmed. I have perfectionist tendancies, and deep down, I was scared of messing up in front of everyone. But I remembered a phrase that I'd heard at a Conference once: "If our failure will bring glory to the Lord, then we need to be willing to fail and possibly look stupid for His sake."

And guess what happened when I gave up my pride and told God that I was willing to look stupid for Him? He did faaaaaar more than I expected or hoped!!! Truly, God is great.

Over all, it was a good CI. It didn't go perfectly, and there were things that could have better (on my behalf, that is!). But the most important thing is that seeds were planted, and I'm praying that there will be a lasting impact.


  1. Looks like you had an absolutely crazy, awesome time! Was the whole time like that!?

    It's amazing how God works through our weakness...when we're weak HE makes us strong!

    Looking forward to the next CI! :-)

  2. great! looks great. God's great, CIs are great, your pictures are great... :)


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