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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blog Award

 A few weeks ago, one of my lovely friends gave me a blog award! {Wasn't that nice of her? Yes. It was.}

But along with this award, I'm supposed to tell you seven things about myself that you presumably don't already know and award some other bloggers. And since most of you know me relatively well, I'll keep it sweet and simple for you!

{No. 1} I get excited about photography. (Wait, you already knew that? Oh.)

{No. 2} One of my goals is to... {see picture on right}

{No. 3} Psalm 103 encourages, challenges and inspires thankfullness in me.
{No. 4} I love improvising on the piano, especially with friends. And especially making up variations on a theme like twinkle, twinkle little star. ;-)

{No. 5} I love Chai tea. (the sugary, overpriced powdered latte-style chai from Mcdonalds? Ahh, sorry McD fans... but, no. Made from scratch with *real* ingredients - yesss.)

{No. 6} I get encouraged and uplifted by the simplest of things. Like a smile, that can completely light up someone's day. Or a friendly hug. Or being with my silly sisters in one of our silly moods. Or a really nice comment. Or a neighbour randomly dropping by to tell me how much they love listening to my flute practises. Or a blog award. ;-)

{No. 7} This isn't something about myself because, admit it - you're bored of hearing about me by now! :P But I just wanted to wish my old(er) sis a very happy, verrrrrry belated birthday!

{Left: silly sisters in a silly mood}

Now, I have a problem. I could award all the incredible blogs I know of - but the list would take up three pages. ;) So, even though I love each of your blogs equally, I'm going to stick with just one blog award.

The Mouse @ The Mouse Files
This blog makes me laugh. The writing is brilliant. Also, she is a photographer like me.
{What more could you want?}


  1. What a great job you did of the lovely blog award!
    Now I need to go find out what Psalm 103 is ... :)

    I have -never- had a neighbour say they love my practising. *throws hissy fit*

    But, I do know that silly moods are completely the best thing :)

  2. *celebrates*

    I love the photo of the three B. girls... sooo...undescribable. :D


  3. oh congratulations on the lovely blog award!

    {you've made me feel guilty about sugary, over-priced, latte style chai ;P}

    and I can't believe you've awarded it to me! Hey, and now I get to award another lovely blog - I'm liking this type of award. V. spiffy.

  4. thank you for the comments, people!

    Rachel - haha, let's just say that I have nice neighbours :P

    Esther - aww, thanks! :)

    Kate - I have a confession. On the rare occasion when I'm desperate, I've been known to drink those lattes too. (Shh!) ;)


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