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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Life lately

Life lately has been filled with things that I'd probably categorize in the above right circle. But while most experiences have been crazy, stretching and also in most cases, tiring - some have also been fun. Like the CI's taught, concert's performed and many, many visitors from interstate staying with us!

But those things will fill another post for another day! For the moment, have a look at my blog award below.  

{Post Script: I also created some watermarks for my photography, so in the next post you are going to help me decide which one is best!}


  1. Go Eloise! What a fantastic diagram. I'll have to remember to apply it's ramifications for myself. So, so true.

    Stretching is so healthy :)

    Just push for a little longer.

  2. Ditto everything that you said! And thanks ;)

  3. Ooooh no! All your pictures (except for the very latest one) have all disappeared! Am I the only one seeing (or rather, not seeing) this?


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