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Monday, February 13, 2012

So blessed...

God is so good to me! It's amazing how quickly time can fly and yet each day has been filled with incredible new things that my ever-loving Father has been teaching me. You will get a chance to hear about some of these things in the next few posts in the next few weeks but for now I just wanted to let my faithful blogging friends know that I am still alive and have been enjoying my blog hiatus! However, posts are on their way! :)

May Christ be your joy this week!


  1. Some awesome photographer took that awesome photo! ;)
    Must of been me..ha ha :D Love ya Gertrude :P and that actually turned out better than I thought!! Cool! :D -Love, Smiley xx

    1. Yes, a *very* awesome photographer took that very awesome photo! ;) Thanks, Smiley! <3

  2. ... Love the photo Eloise !! :) The colouring is really good and looks quite rustic!
    Don't worry about posting :) even though I really enjoy looking at your posts, I know that it takes time and effort ! Life can be busy ! :-) Hope you are have a lovely weekend,
    Much love, Sophie xo

    1. Aww, thank you Sophie! I am in the middle of several posts so expect those to arrive sometime in the next few weeks! :) Have a lovely weekend yourself! <3


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