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Saturday, March 3, 2012

2012 | Another sort of Journey

I don't know about you, but I find journeys exciting. When we were younger our family used to go road tripping a lot (way back when we seemed to have so much more time on our hands) and I used to love them more than anything. We'd get up super early, while it the sky was still a deep blue and the air was cold, and rush around frantically trying to get everything in the car before finally leaving (generally about thirty mins late) for our trip.

A few weeks ago, I was blessed to be able to attend a different sort of journey - one that went straight to the  heart. On this week-long retreat out in the countryside, we studied spiritual heart conditions and gained incredible insights into His amazing, unfailing love for us along the way. It was so good, learning to love Jesus with a deep appreciation for who He is and what He's done - not just with the emotional "warm fuzzies" which I could never seem to muster.

And it was also a lot of fun! Our group of about fifteen got to know each other really well over the week, and  by the end of it we all felt like sisters. :)

{Awww, I love these girlies! Sadly, I don't have photos of all of them - but here are some!}

My prayer for you is that you'll come to know and experience Christ in new and incredible ways as He takes you on the greatest journey of all - to His heart! :)

A/N: I'm considering posting a photo challenge for the month of April - but I need to know if you guys are willing to participate first! So pretty please contribute to the poll on the side. Thanking you in advance! :)


  1. Nice! :) I soooo love the one of us! :)
    I miss all my big and little sisters! ;)

    -Smiley :)

  2. Loverly post, Eloise!

    I love photo challenges...I shall definitely join in if I don't find the subject too daunting; I am not an overly creative person! :D But either way, if you host a photo challenge I shall be your most enthusiastic supporter. (Although how I can support you without joining in, I don't know...)


    1. Oooh, thank you Esther! So happy to hear that I have an enthusiastic supporter! :D

      I am so excited about this photo challenge and all the amazing pictures that will come out of it! :) I'm hoping to post about it early next week...

      <3 Eloise


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