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Saturday, June 9, 2012

April Photo Challenge | Julia's photos

A/N: Hopefully by the next post you will be seeing my photos from the APC, if all goes as planned! :-)

Here are the last photos from Julia's contribution to the APC! Please feel free to add a helpful tip/encouraging comment for Julia - she did an amazing job!

Assignment 11: A sign

{Definitely no mistaking it - this is a sign! :-) There a few components that distract in this photo, however - like the tree trunk in the RH corner or the fact that the fence line is cutting the photo in half (so to speak). I do completely understand how hard it can be to zoom in using a point & shoot camera, though! So you did a good job despite that, Julia!)

Assignment 12: Clouds

{Yay - one of the few people who actually managed to find a cloud to take a picture of! While the parts of the tree/roof are a bit distracting, we could leave them there as adding a sort of 'frame' for our subject, the cloud.} 

Assignment 13: Something in God's creation

{Such a pretty hibiscus, Julia! Just a quick tip: it's usually better to take photos of flowers on an overcast day or in the early morning/late afternoon of a sunny day. Why? The lighting on a cloudy day is often low intensity and does not create the strong shadows or overexposed light that reduce detail and colour in your flower.}

Assignment 14: Shoes

{Notice the use of leading lines here - great job! However, they could have been slightly more effective if we'd changed the position of the photo - like getting down closer to the ground, for instance.}

Assignment 15: Music

{Same thing here! We could have used the lines along the piano (like the one above the words 'Beale &  Company') to create a really strong image. Remember to always try different angles/positions till you get one that you are really happy with!}

Assignment 16: Key

{What a awesome old key! And the sepia lighting effect adds to the old-school feel of this photo. :-) Remember to remove the things in a photo that will take our eye away from the subject - like the piece of wood in background.}

Assignment 17: Time

{This is quite a cool photo - I like the angle and the way it's on a third! Again, a few little distracting things in the background - but I'm sure you can spot those without me telling you what they are! :-)}

Assignment 18: Fruit

{Apples are awesome things to take photos of! They reflect light really well (especially if you polish them!). Remember to think about the photos you take - notice distractions in the background; try different angles and don't forget to use lighting to create atmosphere & interest! :-)}

Assignment 19: Breakfast

{Someone seemed to be having fun eating breakfast that morning! :-) Extra brownie points for creativity here, Julia!}

Assignment 20: An animal

{Aw, a nice picture of a nice cat! (Cats are seriously hard to take photos of - believe me, I've got two of 'em!) Think about some ways you could've made this photo a really great one... maybe zooming in (or getting closer), trying a different angle? There's no limit to creativity!}

Assignment 21: Speed

{I really, really like this! Awesome! The train is neatly placed on a third, and you can almost see it rushing out of the station! Awesome work, Julia!}

Assignment 22: Anything
{Ahh, this city looks slightly familiar! Nice work.}

Assignment 23: Sunlight
{The lighting in this photo is spectacular! I really like it - the shadows are interesting, too!}

Assignment 24: Bokeh

{Fantastic effort with trying out bokeh, Julia! (Your little sis is really cute, too). Keep at it - using different lights/focus points and you'll keep getting better!}

Assignment 26: To-do list

{Someone certainly keeps busy! Good job, Julia... remember to keep thinking about how to make your photos 'great' ones!}

Assignment 27:  Laugh 

{Aww, how incredibly precious! A few things: the pram in the background pulls our eyes away from the [adorable] subject, but the lighting here is nice! Oh, and it would be really good if we could see more of her face, too - especially her eyes. But still, good photo!}

Assignment 29: Red

{Good contrast here! Try filling the frame a little more (e.g zooming in and/or getting closer} so we see more of the subject and less of the surroundings. Very nice!}

Assignment 30: Isaiah 61:11

{"For as the earth brings forth its sprouts, and as a garden causes the things sown in it to spring up, so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring up before all the nations." So true!}

Julia, I think you did really, really well with the APC! Keep up those creative photography skills, and you'll go far! 

In Christ's love,

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  1. Can't wait to see your photos Eloise :-) Good job on the APC Julia :-)


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