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Saturday, July 7, 2012

April Photography Challenge | My photos

A/N: Finally, the post you've been waiting for! I have to admit that since I wasn't 'officially' doing the April photo challenge myself, I didn't manage to take all the photos that were on the list. :( But not to worry, I will get around to taking them eventually. In the meantime, I'm really hoping you enjoy looking at the ones I did take! 

Assignment 2 | Smile

Assignment 3 | Green
{I love the bokeh in this photo!}

Assignment 5 | A promise God showed you
{Confession: this wasn't taken on April 5th, but I found these lone blossoms on our cherry tree the other day and I felt it was such an incredible demonstration on God's amazing love for you and for me! How He longs to create beauty in our lives - and even though sometimes we have to go through a tough 'winter' period in our lives, spring will come and with it, so much of His beauty and grace!}

Assignment 6 | 5pm

Assignment 7 | Someone you talked to today
{My amazing friend from across the country came to visit me! So we took a picture on my phone :P}

Assignment 8 | A family member
{This is my precious mother. My sister curled her hair 'specially for the occasion}

Assignment 9 | Delicious
{Self control: stopping to take a photo of something very delicious before eating it!}

Assignment 12 | Clouds
{I love the way these clouds are lit up by the sun behind them}

Assignment 14 | Shoes
{Cowgirl boots}

Assignment 15 | Music
{Okay, so the hands-playing-piano photo is a little bit cliché. But still awesomely fun to take pictures of!}

Assignment 16 | Key

Assignment 17 | Time

Assignment 18 | Fruit
{This photo isn't a hundred percent in focus *sad face* but I just couldn't resist this heart shaped lemon when I saw it at a friend's place!}

Assignment 19 | Breakfast
{I'm pretty sure I had more than just coffee for breakfast - but mmm, it was so good!}

Assignment 20 | An animal

Assignment 23 | Sunlight

Assignment 24 | Bokeh 
{Who knew that frost on a trampoline makes such beautiful bokeh?}

Assignment 27 | Laugh
{My beautiful little sister}

Assignment 28 | Inspiration

I will try and get the rest of the photos up very soon! Oh, and friends, it would be amazing if you critiqued my photos for me! You don't have to tackle them all at once but I would love it if you could at least pick one photo that you liked/disliked and tell me your opinion. And don't be afraid to be harsh - I know my photography could use some improvement! So that would be incredible - thanking you in advance. :-)

PS. What do you think of my new blog look?


  1. Wow! Amazing photos! I love the sunlight photo :) how did you make it look so awesome!

    1. Thanks so much, Hannah! It was pretty easy - just find a patch of early morning sunshine on grass covered in dew and snap away! :)

  2. The last one...

    Is amazing.is awesome.is inspirational!

    1. Aw, I completely agree with you - God's word is the most incredible source of inspiration I know!

  3. So many lovely photos Eloise! But I especially love the cherry blossom photo (& the meaning behind it!) and also the :key: photo! Look forward to seeing more! x

    1. Aww, thank you... that means a lot coming from an awesome photographer like yourself! :)

  4. Wow eloise (: you take amazing shots (: really cool...
    how are you anyway? missing you aussies :P
    es xxx

    1. Esther, my friend! You're so sweet - I'm glad you found my blog! Missing you too :) xx

  5. Ohhh I love your photos, Eloise, they are so amazing and beautiful- you have a lovely talent! : ) I especially love # 5, 9, 15, 24 28, though they are allll lovely. Hoping you are keeping well! : )
    Much love <Sophie xoxo
    I really :adore: your new back ground! it is so sweet!! ^_^


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