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Friday, March 23, 2012

April Photo Challenge | Explanations

A tremendous thank you to all you wonderful people who are going to participate in my photo challenge!

Firstly, I'd like to clarify a few things and in doing so, hopefully answer all your questions!

1. You don't need to be good at photography to join in! The aim of this challenge is to improve your own personal photography skills - it's not to compete with other people. :-) So it doesn't matter if you've never taken a photo in your life - just join in and look forward to the results at the end! 

2. This challenge isn't necessarily a guarantee that your photos will be like Ken Duncan's at the end of the month! (That's what IPS is for! But more on that exciting topic later...) But I seriously think it will help you develop an eye for photography and maybe even provide you with the motivation you need. ;-)

3. You don't need a DSLR (a.k.a big camera) to participate, but if you have one or if you know someone who has one then feel free to use it.

4. It starts on the first day of April and ends on the last day of April! 

5. You will need to take a photo each day, because there will be a given assignment for each day. (I'm going to put the assignments at the end of this post so you can look at them in advance) 

6. If you'd like me to post your photos each day and put a personal critique with them, then let me know! I'd seriously love to. Otherwise you can post them on your own blog, send me the link and I'll comment my critique. :-)

7. In case you're wondering, this is going to be fun. Seriously. 

Any more questions? Let me know below in the comments and I will post the answers! 

{Introducing *clears throat* the April Photo Challenge in all its glory!}

Looking forward to hearing from you! Have a blessed week!


  1. oooh noooo!!! *groans*

    I actually have to figure out how to take nice photos of all those things?!? Eeks!! What if I don't know how to make bokeh?!

    Help! Help! Help!

    1. Oops, I just realized that with a point&shoot camera you might not be able to do bokeh anyway! So I'll scratch that one and fill it in with something else. :-)

      But as for the rest - aww, I'm sure you can do them! Seriously, the point of this challenge is to stretch yourself! :-) If the day comes and you have no idea what to do, then I'll give you as many tips as you like. Deal? :-)

    2. If your camera has a macro or closeup mode (the tulip icon) you *might* be able to pull of bokeh. Another trick is to stick a magnifying glass over the front of the lens. Experiment a bit, you might find something that works.

    3. Don't worry too much...I was just in shock that I was actually supposed to take proper photos of something particular. Generally I just take photos of...random! :D

      And while I agree with Hannah that some of them are hard, it's pretty funny because we think of different things as 'hard'. She thinks people are hard; I think that the people and the animals are the best!! I was more thinking of really ordinary things - like 'keys' and 'fruit'. Like, it's easy to find them, but I'm thinking that as I can't actually take nice PHOTOS but just take photos of nice THINGS, my photos of that type of thing will probably be boring. But like you say, it'll be a stretch!!

      And I guess that's a good thing *goes away sobbing* no I'm just kidding. :D I'm sure it'll be...maybe...yes it will be...fun. :D

      BTW, we're not expected to actually post every single day, are we? I'm planning just to do an occasional posts with a photo for every day. Or maybe I'll send them to you IF I think they are worth being examined. :D

      Thanks for putting this on Lese!

      <3 Esther

    4. Esther, I like taking pictures of people and amimals... but it's hard to get good ones. :-)
      Looks like Eloises photo challenge will be fun... maybe? :D

    5. Ahh, thanks for that, eccentric! (he is also a very good photographer - so if you have any technical questions, ask him! Sorry Matt! :P)

      Aww, good on you Esther! I understand that this photo challenge is little different than most people were expecting, but I'm hoping that it will help you think outside the box a little in photography! :-)

      As for doing a post every day - I completely understand the time limitations you might have. (Which totally goes the same for me!) So while posting twice a week would be ideal, you can even do it just once a week if you're really stretched for time. :-)

      Hannah - yes, taking nice photos of anything is hard, really! But I know you guys will do it! And maybe even have fun in the process. <3

    6. Ooh...I just realised who the eccentric person is. :D

      The more I think about it, the more I look forward to this!!! What fun! :)

    7. This comment comes pretty late, but I thought I might add a word of encouragement to fellow owners of dodgy little point-and-shoots. :D

      It is actually possible to get bokeh (baubles! :D) on a point and shoot, though perhaps not at the quality you might achieve with a DSLR. It’s challenging, and requires no little creativity, but it’s possible! Basically, all you need is light and something to focus on.

      Okay, that didn’t help, but anyway.

      Test the limits of your point-and-shoots! And if it can somehow be of any encouragement, think of me lying on the ground next to our dustbins focusing on a bunch of sunlit weeds… lens zooming in and out, in and out, focus again, nope, try again…readjust…focus…groaning mechanisms…

    8. Thanks for that, Hannah! :-)

    9. Aww, no worries. I'd love to join, but things are otherwise. Hope you're all having fun!

  2. Hmm.... I have to agree with Esther; some of those subjects look hard!

    1. Which ones? Let me know and if you all ask nicely, I might change them just for you! ;-)

    2. The ones involving pictures of people are hard.... Not everyone I know likes having their picture taken. ;-) And bokeh might by difficult to achieve on my point and shoot camera... But I love the effect and sometimes I can get it in macro shots.
      Question: What does the first one mean by 'Your name' ? Does it mean like a text photo?
      Thanks for doing this photo challenge Eloise.... It certainly looks 'challenging' Can't wait for April to start!

    3. I don't think I'll b able to do a daily post either... Is it ok if I do a weekly post with the challenges for that week?
      BTW... I'll create a new blog to put my photos from the photo challenge on (Because my other one is for computer wallpapers i make) so.... If I post the link here or something could you please critique my photos Eloise?

    4. Here is the link where I'll post photos for the photo challenge. :-)

    5. Great, thank you for the link! It would be my pleasure to critique your photos, Hannah. :-)

    6. Oh, and as for 'your name' - well, it could mean anything! ;-) For instance, maybe a photo of your name in written form. Or something to do with the meaning of your name, or of a book with your name on it - be as creative as you like!

  3. What about post processing/editing photos? Yes, no? If so then any limitations? How about adding/removing elements from a picture, or combining more than one image? Just some random thoughts.

    1. Hmm, good question there. Basically, I'm not going to be too strict with the ways and means you come up with to create the photo. But personally, I wouldn't recommend using post processing/editing at all, because it might make you work harder if you know you don't have light-room to fall back on!

      But I'm feeling inclined just to leave it up to you! Just keep in mind that this challenge is about pushing you out of your comfort zones. :)

  4. Hi Eloise
    Its Julia,
    hopefully you remember me. I don't have my own blog, does that matter???
    If it does I can use my Mum's.
    Awesome idea It looks like heaps of fun.
    Hope your well!

    1. Hi Julia! So nice to hear from you. :-) It doesn't matter a bit that you don't have a blog! You can just take the photos each day and send them to me once or twice a week, or alternatively use your mum's blog. It's up to you! :-)

    2. Thanks so much Eloise
      Hope all goes well! :)

    3. Hi Eloise
      I was just wondering do I send the pictures via email?
      Julia :)

  5. I shall do this one!

    Keep on keeping on,

  6. Wow I am going to be busy!! Sounds like heaps of fun and I can't wait to get started! Thanks...I am going to take full advantage of Ben's camera, but I am hoping to get my own DSLR before IPS!! Just waiting for the right one to come along ;-) Just thought I would add that the **5pm*** and **sleep** should be one in the same ;-P
    This is going to be great!!
    Many blessings,

  7. Sorry Eloise...I miss read, it is 5pm not 5am. For a moment there I thought you were crazy :D so just forget about the *5pm** and **Sleep** part. :-)

    haha I think I am the crazy one!

    1. Haha Kelsie, you made me laugh! *sigh* as much as I'd love for you all to get up at 5am and take a sunrise photo, I thought you all might quit if I put that one in! :D

      Yay for a new DSLR camera! I hope you find one to your satisfaction (as you know, I always recommend Canons. But I don't know if I'm going to convince you on this one... :-)


    2. Haha thanks Eloise! and yes I would have quit {no just joking, but 5pm suits me much better than 5am. ;-)

      No I don't think you convinced me enough, or for that matter ever be able to convince me. It's *NIKON* all the way I'm afraid...but I'm sure Canons are great as well ;-)

      xxx blessings


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