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Saturday, March 31, 2012

April Photo Challenge | It's tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a big day, friends! 

Are your cameras out? Batteries charged? Lens cleaned?

If you have any other questions/queries, then let me know. Otherwise, I'll hear from you soon! Remember to comment with the link to the blog post with your weekly photos in it or alternatively send them to me to post & critique! :-)

{Happy Photo-ing!}


  1. Oh this is so exciting, I can hardly wait till tomorrow!! Its a pity we can't take all the months photos in one day.;-D But then I think it might be a "blessing in disguise" {I just need to get over this present state of excitement};-P I look forward to improving my personal photography skills throughout this month...

    xxx blessings

  2. Here's the link to my first photo....

  3. Hey Eloise, why is there no challenge for the 22nd? Was that intentional? Or did you just forget?

  4. My cousin wants to join in the photo challenge too so I've created a page on my blog for her photos... If you want to have a look at them the link is... http://ramblingsofabuddingphotographer.blogspot.com.au/p/annabeths-photos.html

  5. Hm, Yes it WAS yesterday,so... Where may i ask, are YOUR photo's from yesterday and today, Miss Eloise? ;) he he..

    Mine are up from yesterday and today.. Sooooooo have a squiz if you will! :)

    ...and sorry to all those that just might read this and go "ooooo,a blog to see someones photo's from this month's challenge."
    Well,..sorry to say.. I have made my blog limited to those who can and those who can't view it...

    So.. If you would like to view my blog to see my photo's from this months challenge,and some future encouraging posts.. send me an email :) and i just might invite you.. he he ;)

  6. You're doing GREAT THINGS, my friends! Loving all these creative photos! I've decided that I will critique/comment everyone's photos only at the end of each week due to some very heavy time limitations in my schedule, but keep those amazing photos comin'!

    (And Hannah - thanks for pointing out that the 22nd doesn't have a subject! I will remedy the situation as soon as I get time :-) )

  7. Fair enough!! :) busy busy hey :)

    Well.. would be nice.. when your not so 'busy busy' if that is at all possible with you :P jks..
    to have a chat sooooon.. ( ha ha.. remember next time it was going to be a coffee date.. ;) )
    We shall have to organise a time :)

    Anyways,I'll stop commenting on your comments.. he he :D


  8. I've made my blog limited, so only those I invite can veiw it.... So if you're still ok to critique my photos, Eloise, you'll have to send me an email at photography.ramblings.123@gmail.com :-)
    And anyone else wanting to have a look will have to do the same.... I just might say yes... ;-)

  9. Hey Eloise! How is your day going today? Here is my link for the first few photos for the month, so when you have time you can critique them you can...but don't be too hard on this poor little goose ;-) :-P

    Enjoy your day,

    ~The link~ http://kelsie-anne.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/joy-of-photography-and-challenge.html


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