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Monday, April 16, 2012

April Photo Challenge | Halfway there!

What amazing photographers you all are! I really enjoy seeing your creative photos (and critiquing them, of course!) and I am hoping that this challenge is doing just that - challenging you!

I also have an important little announcement to make! I've decided that at the end of the month, I am going to pick my favourite photo from each of your challenges (one photo from each of you from the entire month) and post them on this blog. And just to make you work extra hard I'm also going to pick my very favourite photo out of all of you, and the talented photographer who took that photo will receive a prize. :-)

Excited yet? You should be!

I have another important(ish) announcement: I need each person who is participating in this challenge right now to comment and let me know, because I want to make sure I'm not missing out on critiquing any of your photos! (My apologies if I've somehow missed yours!)

And now, without further delay... I present to you Julia's photos from the past two weeks! :-)

Assignment 1: Your Name

{Good job, Julia! I'm sensing a theme with photos of names in nice handwriting!}

Assignment 2: Smile

{This photo is so cute! If your little sister's smile could be seen just a leeeetle bit more, then it would be even better!}

Assignment 3: Green

{Very green! And the sunlight + leaves in the background are making a sort of 'bokeh' effect. Great!}

Assignment 4: A corner of your home

{Again, sensing a theme with literal corners of people's homes! Sometimes zooming in and eliminating distracting elements (such as the yellow/red car) can create a more focused photo. :-) }

Assignment 5: A promise God showed you

{Julia says: "Our front gate, because where we live its quite dangerous and this is a sign that God will protect us." Wow, what a great promise!}

Assignment 6: 5pm

{Very creative! Again, try zooming in just a little bit more. :-) }

Assignment 7: Someone you talked to today

{Aww, very nice! Sometimes when taking photos of people, it's helpful to get them to stand next to a window   or a light so there are less shadows on their faces.}

Assignment 8: Family member

{Aww, I like this photo! And you get bonus points for having two family members there!}

Assignment 9: Delicious

{Wow, definitely looks delicious! And you tried out a different angle, too... great!}

Assignment 9: Before / After

{These are Julia's sisters before and after she brushed their hair! Very nice, Julia!}

Who thinks Julia did an absolutely fantastic job?! Keep up the wonderful photography!

Looking forward to seeing the rest of your amazing photos this week, everyone!


  1. You said to comment... So i am... I'm definitely still in the challenge :-) btw... sorry I haven't posted my photos from this week yet... I haven't had time to do it :-/

  2. I am participating! And good job, Julia!! :)

    That's a great idea to pick out your favourites from each day! Fun, fun!! Halfway...already?!?!! Wow. Time flies like a banana. Wait, that's wrong.

    :) Blessings, Esther

  3. Finally made the time to post my pictures... look forward to your critique at the end of the week, Eloise :-)
    Good idea about the favourite photo from the month... Fun!!

  4. I have a question Eloise, What is the challenge for day 22? (It wasn't on the challenge list you made)
    Thanks :-)

  5. I am, unfortunately, not participating, but I am spectating. May I kindly ask -- do we get to see your photos, Eloise?

    cough choke hint hint


  6. Beautiful photos Julia! And yes Eloise I am still in ;-) and look forward to you next lot of critique's :-)

    Blessings, xxx

  7. A very warm thank you to all who commented! :-)

    Hannah T, uhhh... well, I did take the photos, but I haven't had time to post them yet. :P Maybe at the end of the month?!

  8. Hi Eloise
    yesterday was the 22nd and there was
    no challenge. What do we do????
    Thanks for putting the photos up.

    1. Whoops, you are right! So sorry about that, everyone! To make up for my mistake, you can post a photo on whatever you like for the 22nd. :-)

  9. Oh just another question...Are we still doing the Bokeh photo?

    1. I would really, really love for you all to try the Bokeh subject! Here's a tutorial for those of you with DSLR cameras:


      And for the rest of you:


      You can do it! :-)

  10. The Bokeh subject works really well.
    I did the best I could with my little digital camera. thanks so much

  11. Hey,
    I just posted my other lot of photos so that you an critique in you own time ;-) Thanks.
    Hope you have a delightful weekend :-)

    Blessings, xx

  12. Posted my next lot of photos for the challenge :-)


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