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Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Photo Challenge

Greetings & salutations! 

Can I just say - you are each doing an incredible job at the April Photo Challenge! I have been looking at some of your photos, and am seriously amazed at the creativity I'm seeing! 

I will (hopefully) be critiquing your photos over the weekend, and maybe even posting some of my own. :-) If you would like to send your photos to me so I can post them on this blog (so everyone can see them and you'll be famous) then please send them to: e.photographychallenge@gmail.com

Also, some of you are becoming worried about not having time to take/edit/post the photos for this challenge. I completely understand your time limitations, but seriously, you don't even need to spend half an hour on it. Five-ten minutes should be sufficient and if you're really stretched for time, then cut short your teeth-brushing time or something! (We'll forgive your bad breath, don't worry...)

Anyway, if you've managed to read that monologue you're doing well! Keep up your fantastic work, and have a very blessed and reflective Easter celebrating what Christ has done for you! 


  1. Hey Eloise,
    Here is the link to my photos,

    and my cousin's photos,

    for you to critique. :-) (please =D)

  2. Going to send mine tonight!
    Have a nice day

  3. Hey Eloise, Just wondering whether you would do me a BIG favour and give me your meaning of before and after? I'm just trying to think what I can do, so just though I would see if you have any ideas. ;-) Thanks a bunch in advance :-P

    Blessings xxx

    1. Keslie! I can absolutely give you my definition of the before/after assignment. :-) Basically, it's two pictures of a person/place/thing before, and after a change has taken place. So that could be your bedroom before/after you clean it (:D), or a haircut, or even a photo of you as a baby and then one of you grown up. (Only one photo has to be taken on the actual day, the second photo can be from any time). Make sense? And of course, be as creative as you like! :-)

      Eloise <3


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